A.d.a Candle Co. LLC

A.D.A Candle Co. is a NWI-based candle company owned and created by two sisters Alaina and Domonique Arnold. We believe scents speak to our senses one way or the other. We started A.D.A Candle Co. as a passion for crafts, designs and entrepreneurship. Making candles quickly turned into a passion to create the life we desire. 

Alaina Arnold - Chief Chandler

Owner & Creator of Ada Candle Co.

Alaina Arnold, Chief Chandler of A.d.a Candle Co, self-proclaimed powerhouse, Mom of two dogs. When Alaina is not pouring wax she is at home creating a peaceful environment for her loved ones or being adventurous and trying new things. Alaina hopes to inspire others  not to limit themselves because of a disability &/or health.  We can do amazing things and I plan to build a rewarding life.  Be as lit as you already are within & LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!




Domonique Arnold MBA - Creative Designer

Owner & Creator of Ada Candle Co.

Domonique, Creative Designer of A.d.a Candle Co, self-taught glow-getter, MBA, entrepreneur at heart. When Domonique is not designing or burning candles, she is enjoying the outdoors or looking for her next project. Domonique hopes to spread LOVE. Love is one of the most powerful forces, with love anything is possible. Spread love and that light will get brighter.



Our mission is to inspire people to SHINE! Let your light shine promotes true authenticity, love and self awareness. We want to encourage a positive mindset, promote self-love and love in general. 

Our candles gave us a way to over-stand ourselves as a being. Mentally, physically and spiritually. We all have a light within us and it's waiting to shine. Self awareness has been and continues to be a major part in our journey. 

We all have the ability to "HEAL" how we "HEAL". If it's through self-care, meditation, therapy, healthy intimacy or even physical activity.

With our scents we strive to target each of your senses. Each of our blends tries to target a moment in time that makes us happy. We want to bring back those memories of you when you were the happiest. 

A.D.A Candle Co. wants to add to your home/business design and create high-quality products with accessible price points. While also creating a warm and inviting space to relax, heal, gather, or just simply have adult time. 

Our team of two, develops, designs, produces and ships everything from our Indiana Headquarters. When you purchase products from A.D.A, trust that you will receive products that have been made with Love and Care. 

Every last one of our candles is hand made with alot of LOVE! We understand the concept of positive and negative energies, so we start each day with positive affirmations and we lead with LOVE. 

We pride ourselves on making high-quality products for your space- we believe candles add a significant element that enhances any space and will also add that special touch while also giving off that fragrant that fits any mood.