About Hosting

Host Your Own Candle Making Experience.

with A.d.a Candle Co.

Thank you for considering A.D.A Candle Co. for your Celebration! We would love to get together with you and your guest to take that journey into the world of candle-making. Here are all the important details about your private party.

Hosting your very own candle making course with A.d.a Candle Co. is a fun & crafty way for singles, couples, family,  friends and corporate events to get together and have fun.

Your guest and yourself will learn step by step techniques to make your own 100% soy wax candles. Experience cultivating your own personal customized fragrances for each candle. 

We require a 6 person minimum to book a private event. We can accommodate up to 15 people per class. We need your final headcount a week prior to ensure adequate staffing and supplies. 

**For larger classes and group rates you must email insensusco@gmail.com to check availability before booking. If you have additional questions please contact us via email or phone.**

Classes include: 

  • 90-160 Minutes of Candle-Making 
  • Candle-Making Supplies,  

Soy Wax - all-natural wax creates candles with a smooth, opaque finish and 

strong fragrance throw. 

Option1: One (6 oz) Candle Glass Jar- (1) 6 oz single wick soy wax candle with a 40-50 hour burn time. (Option of making additional candles $35 each)

Option 2: One (14oz) Candle Glass Jar- (1) 14 oz 3 wick soy wax candle with a 115 -130 hour burn time. (Option of making additional candles $50 each)

Cotton Wicks-They have a softer burn (which is good for soy) 

Candle Dye- Decorate your candle with a splash of color, crystals or herbs.

Fragrance Oils- Choose from over 60 scents, mix & match its MADE BY YOU! 

  • Special Candle Labels to Customize or Standard labels to pick from 
  • Dedicated Chandler - All candle-makers will get a dedicated Chandler for 90+ minutes to guide you through the process of candle-making. 
  • Candle Burning Tips to Encourage A Long Lasting Bold Scent! 
  • Giveaways/Discounts 
  • Host will receive $5 ADA Bucks  per guest to purchase ADA Products 
  • Guests will have the opportunity to purchase ADA Products at a discounted rate. 30-75% OFF selected products.
  • Games 
  • Optional: Karaoke 
  • Let's not forget to BYOB+BYOFood 
  • All guests will get Swag bags to take home.
  • A great experience.
  • A.D.A will need 1 hour and 15 min to set up and another hour to clean up.

Mobile Private Party Pricing: $35-$50 per person 

One Payment: If you are covering the cost of your guest, we will be happy to send over an invoice. With any option, a deposit of $80 (non-refundable) is needed to reserve the day and time.  That includes the (Host + Travel Fee)  $50 will go towards your party balance.

Option 1: Pay in full 

Option 2: Two installments 

Option 3:Pay in three installments

*A.D.A supplies Tables and Chairs for an additional $4 per table and $2 per chair (due with deposit)

 Host+Travel+T&C=$80+T&C=non-refundable deposit. 

Individual Payments: If your guests are responsible for their own payment they will be able to visit adacandleco.com to purchase their private party tickets online.

Secure your reservations

The host of the party can secure a reservation with a non-refundable deposit of $80 (without Tables & Chairs) which $50 will go towards your party balance. Once the party is confirmed, the host will receive a link to distribute to each guest to pay individually or the host can make  payments for the party. Please book at least 10 days in advance. If you are paying for an invoice for your private party, invoices must be paid in full 3 days prior to the event with the sum that meets the minimum requirement for your party. If a link is being distributed to your attendees, the minimum number of attendees must have registered and paid for their ticket at least 3 days prior to your party. After the deposit has been paid you can reschedule once before you forfeit your deposit . After rescheduling once all order deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to other orders, events or people. 

By placing this deposit and purchasing from A.D.A Candle Co. you acknowledge that your Private Mobile Candle-Making Party deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. You understand that prior purchasing read the full description and view product images to ensure that the product you are purchasing is what you want. If you do not agree, or feel in any way that you will not be happy with your product, please do not purchase. You agree and consent to the following legal terms and conditions that govern your use of the Products and that form a legal agreement between you and A.D.A Candle Co. LLC.

  • I understand that I must be at least 18 years of age or older to purchase this Product. 
  • I understand all sales are final and that refunds and exchanges are not available.
  • We practice and teach attendees safe handling of candle making during the course of the workshop and Candle-making parties. A.D.A Candle Co. does not take responsibility for the mishandling of hot wax that may result in injuries on any level. I understand that it is up to me to ensure that I follow all of the safety instructions that A.D.A Candle Co. has provided. 
  • I acknowledge and give rights for A.D.A Candle Co.’s employee usage of any photos taken during the event. Event photography is used for promotional, digital, print and social media marketing. 
  • I understand that if the minimum is not met, the difference between the minimum and the number of guests attending must be paid before the party can take place.
  • We offer a 15 minute grace period if you are late, class will start 15 minutes after scheduled start time. If you are bringing food or drinks, you must have your own plates, utensils, ice, napkins, etc. 

COVID 19 Precautions- We adhere to all government regulations - and in an effort to keep everyone safe, we recommend doing what you need to do to keep yourself and others safe. We recommend that hosts provide access to hand washing stations. All participants will have access to hand sanitizer. All participants are required to wash their hands at the beginning of the class. It is our goal to make this environment safe and welcoming to all.